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Gold Coast - Surfers Paradise

Melody Bass and Ron Bass  VOICE DIALOGUE facilitators ( 07) 5576 0555

Far North Queensland

Robyn Kirby

Vibrational Healing

Mission Beach, North Qld


Phone: 61 7 40 688 070   

Mobile: 0418 771 378

email: vibrheal9@yahoo.com.au

Web: http://www.loving-relationships.com.au/

Robyn is a Spiritual Psychotherapist and has trained in Body Dialogue and Voice Dialogue with Judith Stone (Hal Stone's daughter) in Boulder, Colorado (USA), Robin and Paul Gale-Baker and Michael Rowland and has practiced Voice Dialogue for more than 5 years.

She successfully combines Voice Dialogue with Body Dialogue. She is a Licensed Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Advanced Modeller of Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and holds a Certificate of Counselling, Distinction from James Cook University, Qld.

Byron Bay Northern NSW - Ana Barner - Transpersonal Dialogue International

2 Cooper St  Byron Bay 2481

Ph (02) 66807747 (from within Australia)

Ph 64 (2) 66807747 (overseas calls to Australia)

E-mail:   anabarner@transpersonaldialogue.com

Website:  http://www.transpersonaldialogue.com

Sydney NSW

Victoria Resch - Psychologist

Double Bay

Ph 02 9328 7770

Mobile 0412  412  304

Apologies - The following are older contacts and old phone numbers and may or may not still be practicing:

CAIRNS Q North Qld: Annette Angell Psychotherapist -  (07) 4032 4764

Julie Edwards - Psychologist - Rockhampton - 07 4921 3838  Mobile 041 7600 768

Paul Sherrif - Naturopath and Kiniesiologist - Southport - Ph  07 55 710 626

Lismore Northern NSW   -The Australian School of Holistic Pulsing - Sally McKern Director

Ph:  (02) 6633 7233

Mail: PO Box 18, Rock Valley, NSW 2480

Website: : www.holisticpulsing.com.au

Email: info@holisticpulsing.com.au

QUALIFIED  COUNSELLORS AVAILABLE IN MANY OTHER FIELDS- BUT NOT VOICE DIALOGUE click on.. Queensland Counsellors Association Inc.   www.qca.asn.au

South Pacific Hospital - Harbord Sydney NSW Australia

Australia's best treatment centre in my opinion, because the staff follow the same methods as at The Meadows and have been trained by Meadows staff. Specialising in treatment of  addictions, both substance (alcohol, drugs, food) and process (gambling, work, sex, internet) and codependency and childhood abuse. I know many people whose lives have been changed permanently (and positively) after going to South Pacific.  For more details see their website.  Major rebates if you are on high scale private health cover.  Other problems that South Pacific Private hospital also specialise in treating  include

Depression, Anxiety / Panic Disorders,

Alcohol & Drug Abuse ,  Eating Disorders, Compulsive Gambling ,Relationship Problems, Post Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD)

Website:      http://www.spph.com.au      includes a chat room and informative articles about these issues

Email             info@spph.com.au


USA - HAL and SIDRA STONE' S Voice dialogue international



E-mail to delos@delos-inc.com

Judith Tamar Stone MA    Trainer and Senior Faciltator   Voice dialogue Connection International -  Executive Director, LA Center devoted to spreading the consciousness of The Psychology of Selves and The Aware Ego worldwide. Pacific Palisades, Malibu, Santa Monica, California

E-mail:  VDCI@aol.com

Website:  http://www.voicedialoguecnx.com

Miriam Dyak Seattle  WA    USA  - Trainer and facilitate - Author "The Voice dialogue Facilitator's Handbook," MIRIAM'S BOOK  IS NOW AVAILABLE - ORDER THROUGH HER WEBSITE

E-Mail:  mdyak@life-energy.net

Website:  http://www.life-energy.net



Telephone: 61-(0)3-9459-2927 or Freecall 1-800-350-530

E-mail: latona@ozemail.com.au

Website: http://www.voicedialogueaustralia.com.au

NSW SYDNEY Astra Niedra Voice dialogue (New South Wales - Australia) -

Telephone: 61-(0)2-9566-1937

E-Mail:  astra@voicedialogue.com

Website:  http://www.voicedialogue.com   One of the best Voice dialogue e-mail newsletters in the world is Astra Niedra's "Daily Voice dialogue" (weekly actually)  and it's free. To subscribe go to  http://www.voicedialogue.com/subscrib.htm


Victoria Resch - Psychologist - Double Bay - North Sydney

Ph 02 8300 4777

Mobile 0412  412  304

David Bolliger - North Bondi - 02 9130 4749

Chris Broughy - Chatswood, Summer Hill, Woolaware - 0413 269135

Deanne Hinder-Hawkins - Cammeray, Hornsby Heights - 02 9476 3997

Linda Knight - Pennant Hills - 02 9487 6122

Jill McAlister - Neutral Bay, Dee Why - 0413 221297

Byron Bay NSW  - Greg McHale  02 6685 3844   (also Bardon Brisbane 3369 3211 on Fridays)

Mary Mooney - Federal (near Byron Bay), Lismore - 6688 4044

Richard O'Kane - Balgowlah - 02 9949 7315

Blake Powell - Crows Nest - 02 9918 4740

PERTH  Western Australia  

Kali Pukallus

Ph 08-92467321

E-mail     kali@freeair.com.au


Lorraine Benham -  St Kilda / Hawthorn - 03 9534 9338 / 1800 441661

Thalia Castles - Chelsea - 03 9772 4935

Fran Faulkner - Bendigo - 5442 7707 / 0411 250704

Sue Jeavons - Bendigo - 03 54435785 / 0427 435785

Lorraine Richards Camberwell / Richmond - 03 9836 8140 / 0412 102984

Sue Rolinson Alphington/Fairfield - 03 9486 3043

Gilda Saturno Geelong - 03 5241 6404

Annie Slaughter St Kilda - 9534 9338


Susan Read - Forrest - 02 6262 7333

Victoria Resch - Psychologist

Ph 02 9328 7770

Mobile 0412  412  304

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The Meadows Wickenburg Arizona - Some excellent articles on addictions and relationships. This is the world class treatment centre conducted by Pia Mellody and Pat Mellody. Staff include Patrick Carnes and Claudia Black who both contribute articles to The Meadows site. Carnes' latest page on Nictotine addiction is a 'must'

Website     http://www.themeadows.org

E-mail   meadows@futureone.com

Christian Sarti - Careers advisor, trained in Rogerian Psychotherapy: offering Voice dialogue facilitations and Voice dialogue Study Group.  Luxembourg - Luxembourg City  A very interesting site with links to Findhorn and other similar sites. Christian is listed in Hal & Sidra's Delos List of recognised resources  

E-Mail:  Christian.Sarti@adem.smtp.etat.lu

Website:  http://www.geocities.com/RainForest/7768/default.html

If you speak Italian you will enjoy Franca Errani's Voice dialogue  page at http://www.voicedialogue.it  

Benvenuti in questo sito dedicato a uno dei temi più appassionanti per l'anima umana: la conoscenza di noi stessi, della nostra vastità interiore, il viaggio di esplorazione che non ha mai fine...


Institute for Transformational Psychology (ITP) - The ITP offers training programs worldwide in different methods i.e., Voice dialogue, Energetics, Dreamwork, Focusing, Psychodrama, Group Dynamics, Rituals.


Momentum - offers trainings and coaching in the field of empowerment, leadership, communication, process of change, using Voice dialogue, meditation, movement Tai Ch'i Chuan


Adelheid Oesch - VD - Hal & Sidra Stone; EEPS - J. Manne; Mentor Richard Moss. Voice dialogue Facilitations: adults, couples, children. Study groups, yearly Trainings.


Carolyn Conger, PhD - Voice dialogue facilitations, dreamwork, psychological consultations, psycho-spiritual seminars.


Joseph Heller


Larry Novick - Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. Facilitation and training in the Psychology of the Aware Ego including Voice dialogue, Energy training, Aikido. http://home.earthlink.net/~aiki1/

Dr. Alex Lessin practices psychotherapy on Maui, with several associates including hypnotherapists, Grof Breathworkers and Voice dialogue facilitators. They counsel couples, groups and individuals. They also lead courses in Community-Building, Heart Tantra, and other groups. An interesting page but I know nothing else about this source. It is not included inHal & Sidra's Delos List of recognised resources   http://www.aloha.net/~alessin/voicedi

Addictions/ addictions resources    Good website  

URL: http://www.onlinehealthresources.com/Addictions/

Title: Addictions resources

Description: directory of Addictions related websites.

The Meadows Wickenburg Arizona - Some excellent articles on addictions and relationships. This is the world class treatment centre conducted by Pia Mellody and Pat Mellody. Staff include Patrick Carnes and Claudia Black who both contribute articles to The Meadows site. Carnes' page on Nicotine addiction is a 'must'

Website     http://www.themeadows.org

E-mail   meadows@futureone.com

Other useful links




Other Websites in the 2008 Growing Awareness Series include:






A recent addition is a new site about business writing and business communication - an area that I lectured in for many years before I became involved in self-awareness work.  Click here:

The Business of Communicating
covering business-letters-reports-negotiating- job applications -writing a CV and much more.

Endorsed Self Awareness Self empowerment
and Inner Self Sites

I have a special page for  people I know and work with  and who I am very happy to endorse personally because I know  the contribution they are making to the wonderful and rewarding fields of Self Awareness, Self Empowerment and Self healing

Click here for Endorsed Self Awareness Self empowerment and Inner Self Sites

If you have worked or trained with me and would like to be included on that page please e-mail me. (You will know my address)